Pilbara Metals Group Joins International Manganese Institute

Pilbara Metals Group is pleased to announce it has joined the International Manganese Institute (IMnI). The IMnI was founded in 1975 and has it’s headquarters located in Paris, France. It is a not-for-profit industry association who represents all aspects of the manganese industry from ore and alloy producers down to the manufacturers of metallurgical and chemical products, trading houses, industry service providers, business developers involved in Manganese and research organisations. Their mission is to provide vision and guidance to the industry by promoting economic, social and environmental responsibility and sustainability for it’s members.

The IMnI 2018 Annual Conference – Kuala Lumpur

The IMnI Annual Conference was held in Kuala Lumpur last month. Rob and Annette attended the event seeking potential investors and off-take partners. After a successful trip it was decided by the board to join the IMnI so that PMG could continue receiving the benefits we experienced at the conference and keep in touch with the potential investors and off-take partners they made.

The IMnI produces monthly and annual market research reports available to members (by annual subscription). Public research reports are also made available free of charge. The reports offer the industry’s best detailed regional and country-level analysis of the manganese ore and also markets and how they relate to the steel industry. In addition reports also provide analysis of production, consumption, trade date, inventory changes and unit consumption for both manganese ore and alloys.

“Pilbara Metals Group joining the IMnI was essential for our business to develop. It allows PMG to align with global leaders to discuss the outlook, usages and effects Manganese will have in helping achieve a more sustainable future. After our attendance and participation in Kuala Lumpur, the company decided membership was necessary for PMG’s future. As one of the few Australian and Chemical members on the list, PMG looks forward to contributing and supporting the organisation.” – Annette Crabbe, Executive Director of PMG.

To find out more about the International Manganese Institute you can visit their website http://www.manganese.org