Manganese Sulphate – MnSO4

What is MnSO4 and how is it used in our Society?

  • Manganese in it’s raw form is one of the most common elements on earth.
  • Manganese Sulphate is a pale pink deliquescent solid and a commercially significant Manganese(II) Salt.
  • Some impurities taken out during the process are Iron, Cobalt, Titanium, Vanadium and Aluminum. Subject to ore grade.
  • Has a rapidly growing and versatile market with many uses.
  • High Purity MnSO4 is used in the cathode structure of Lithium-ion Batteries with other minerals such as Lithium, Nickel and/or Cobalt.
  • Used to create EMD (Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide) and CMD (Chemical Manganese Dioxide) which is utilised in alkaline batteries.
  • One of the most critical trace elements needed as part of fertiliser blends. It is utilised across Australia with currently over 30,000tpa imported into Australia as there is no local supplier.
  • Used in foods as a nutrient and dietary supplement.
  • Used in veterinary medicine as a nutritional factor and prevention of perosis in poultry.
MnSO4 / manganese sulphate refinement pilbara metals group
MnSO4 manganese sulphate ore pilbara metals group