Manganese’s Place in Agriculture

Manganese plays a vital role in Australia’s Agriculture. Manganese along with Copper, Iron, Zinc, Boron and Molybdenum are the 6 trace elements that are essential for plant growth. Deficiencies are not uncommon in plants, crops and soil tests or tissue testing has identified where there are lacks of Manganese in Australian soil. Manganese is a critical trace element as it helps support the generation of photosynthesis.

Toxic heavy metals are a concern of the Agriculture Industry as crops are eaten directly or indirectly by humans. PMG must ensure manganese ore supply does not have high levels of any heavy metals. Our Elemental Analysis completed in June 2018 has shown the ore has no traces of Lead (Pb) or Mercury (Hg). Our unique process does not use solid carbons such as coal, coke or charcoal ensuring that no toxic elements are added during the process. This allows our fertiliser grade to be of a high purity, toxic free product.

Manganese Sulphate in Australia

There are no current producers of Manganese Sulphate in Australia. Australia currently imports over 30,000 tonnes per annum from countries such as China and India. Through our MPP Project, PMG aim to supply 20,000tpa to various fertiliser companies throughout Australia to help our Australian Farmers. PMG’s Manganese Sulphate will be a cheaper option due to the logistic and transport costs of shipping MnSO4.

We have engaged with over 5 potential customers and have identified 17,800 tonnes. Each customer has been excited that there will be a local supplier, therefore we have started the process to engage in an MOU. PMG will also be attending and supporting Fertilizer 2018 in Canberra on the 9th and 10th of October to identify and interact with other customers.

Manganese Sulphate is not just used in fertilisers for Farmers. You can often find it in an isle of your local Bunnings or Hardware store. It can be common in your everyday household products such as various powder solutions produced by Manutec and Yates Citrus Care.

PMG looks forward to investing in Australia’s future and assisting in the future of our Agriculture Industry.