PMG Present at World Mining Summit – Battery Technology

Pilbara Metals Group Managing Director, Robert Mandanici, presented at the 2018 World Mining Summit, Lithium, Cobalt, Tech Minerals, Metals & Batteries Forum on Tuesday the 17th of September. The presentation focused on Manganese Sulphates Role in the Battery Revolution.

The presentation was a huge success within the conference.

The Forgotten Element

During the conference it was widely noted that manganese was often not mentioned when talking about the structures of cathodes and at times was incorrectly referred to as magnesium. Our presentation focused on what Manganese Sulphate was, how it is used not only in Lithium-ion batteries but other technologies such as Hydrogen Batteries and nano technology. The presentation was widely received by the conference delegates helping those in attendance understand just how vital manganese is in a cathode.

Compared to other components of batteries, the cathode is the most expensive part to produce in a lithium-ion battery. The presentation focused on how manganese reduces the price as less nickel and cobalt is required, meaning the end consumer does not have to pay as much for their electric vehicle or battery storage system.

You download our presentation below.

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