Members of the PMG board visited Korea last week 2nd April to 6th April to meet with LG Chem & EcoPro. We were met with a warm welcome from both parties who were excited about the project & expressed that demand in Manganese will exceed supply to become a more critical battery element.

Key points:

  • PMG Managing Director, Robert Mandanici and Chairman, Simon Andrew, visited Korea last week to establish relationships and introduce Pilbara Metals Group.
  • The two directors visited EcoPro GEM (precursor and cathode manufacturer) and LG Chem’s factory establishments.
  • The directors gained an increased insight of the market.
  • There is a desire from industry to secure supply of key battery components.
  • Rising demand for manganese and cobalt will drive industry to secure supply of these two important elements.
  • Outcome provides PMG even more confidence moving forward.